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Posted on: January 15, 2008 11:43 pm

My Thoughts


A blog? This could get interesting.

My first thought is I don't want to do that, but as you can see, I changed my mind. I know typical female. Next I wondered what I could write about and not sound stupid. Then I realized, when has that ever stopped me before. So here goes. I've decided as a test to do a little section on each of my fav sport teams.

  • Atlanta Braves

How will they do this coming season? They've lost Andruw Jones. What impact will this have? I hope they will do good and make it to the playoffs, but I'm taking a wait and see attitued with all the changes.

  • Memphis Grizzlies

Oh geez. Where do I even start? Will we ever makt it back to the playoffs? And if we do, think we might can win at least one game? I'm not holding my breath on that one.

  • UT Volunteer football

Congrats on winning a bowl game. Now we have a new Offensive Coordinator and QB coach. At times the offense seemed to be too conservative this past season. Maybe the new faces witll change that. Who do you think will be the starting QB now that Ainge is gone?

  • Tennessee Titans

Finally we made the playoffs again. I wish I could say if it hadn't been for injuries we would have beaten the Chargers. But I can't say that. I'm not gonna say they would have beaten us either.  The fact is San Diego is a good team with a lot of weapons. Congrats to KVB, Big Al, and Bironas for making the Pro Bowl. Two big questions here. Ok, maybe two and a half.  Will Albert Haynesworth be with the Titans next year when the season begins? If he is, will he have as good a year as he had this year or was this year just a fluke? The other question. What to do about Pacman. Will he be part of the team or will he be sent packing?

  • Memphis Tigers basketball

Wow, what a team. Finally Coach Cal has deep bench loaded with talent from top to bottom. Undefeated so far with a key game in Febuary against the University of Tennessee. When it comes tourney time, maybe the Tigers can get past the Elite 8 and into the Final 4, but only time will tell.

  • Jeff Burton and RCR

RCR had a good year last year. They got all 3 teams in the chase. With Clint Bowyer finishing 3rd in points. Jeff Burton did good and had a win, but had some problems at key times. He was named Nascar Illustrated's Person of the Year. Kevin Harvick started last year off with a dramatic win in the Daytona 500 but he had problems when it came to chase time. I hope RCR can at least duplicate the success it had last year and be even better. I would love for Jeff to win several races this year, but they had trouble with the COT last season. Maybe they will have all the kinks worked out this year. If not it's gonna be a long season.

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